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Happy Save The Koala Day! – A message from Deborah

25 September 2015 –

Hello to all our loyal and wonderful Koala lovers,

I was just lucky enough to do what I love best, and that is to look and smell some Koalas at Lone Pine Koala Sancturay in Brisbane, for one of the news crews here in Brisbane.

So, I knew it would make you jealous, but I will took you all in spirit with me.

Save the Koala Month is our time, AKF’s time to raise the funds we need to keep us going and for me to fearlessly speak for the Koala.

I believe that I truly do that and you give me the support I need to do that for the Koala.

So, celebrate today and think of the Koalas and how you might support.

Tell all your friends to paint their noses black – take a cup to work and raise some funds for us – or just tell the whole world that you love Koalas.


Also a giant thank you to Dreamworld, Featherdale, Wildlife HQ and Ballarat Wildlife Park for your support year round, and all of the other parks and sponsors helping out for Save The Koala Month. We couldn’t do it without you.


With fondest regards,




93,000 mistakes: Government continues to fail Cape Otway Koalas

9 October 2015 –

The Victorian Government has planted 93,000 trees of the wrong species in an ill-informed attempt to protect the starving Koala population of Cape Otway, and to cover up a secret culling of our native...


This Friday is Save The Koala Day! (25/09/15)

22 September 2015 –

To celebrate the end of Save The Koala Month, this Friday (25th September 2015) is Save The Koala Day, and we're urging you to spread the Koala love! Many Aussies are unaware that our little furry...


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