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10 February 2015 –

Many of you have been sending AKF the recent footage of Koalas being bulldozed out of a tree in a bluegum plantation.  

Naturally, Deborah and the rest of the AKF team have seen it. Sadly we have seen it all before and we have also seen the promises from companies that say “we will do better next time” (ABP Press Release here).  

What is important to remember is that these companies are allowed to do this by law.

They are private companies on private land. 

AKF scientists have tried to suggest ways of making the logging more sustainable and safer, but our recommendations have been ignored in the past. Remember too that because the Koala was not listed as vulnerable in Victoria, they are just not protected.   

This is why you need to reduce your use of paper products.  Logging wouldn’t be necessary if we didn’t use take away paper cups, napkins, and other daily things in our life.

Sad events like this are a reminder of why we need a Koala Protection Act. Until then…







Hundreds of Victorian koalas killed off in secret cull

4 March 2015 –

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14 January 2015 –

Like many seeing the fires rage in South Australia, the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is deeply concerned about the fate of Koalas. While no one knows exactly how many animals died in the fires...


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