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Bob Brown encourages March attendance

8 July 2024 –

Hello Koala Lovers,

I am delighted to say that the Koala Army’s March for Creatures Great and Small goes well on many fronts. It seems like our social media is alive with interest about it and there are certainly people truly wanting to share in the joy of seeing a beautiful parade that will highlight the beauty of the bush. The intention of the March is to show the average Australian how beautiful our wildlife can be and that it is in grave danger.

As the Koala Woman – I and the AKF have always been pigeon-holed about whether we care about other species and this March, will in full view show that the Koala forests of Australia protect thousands, probably millions of species that could be saved with the flick of a pen by our federal environment Minister, Tanya Plibersek.

The entire geographic range of the Koala is 20% of the Australian continent and it is an absolute no brainer that protecting that will help all creatures great and small and us humans.


Please see one of my heroes, Dr. Bob Brown’s call to action to attend our March. September 1 is Wattle Day – a day that I remember at School each year with great joy. I love wattle and it is why Australians wear yellow and gold at the Olympics.

Dr. Brown can only be described as a living legend and when I spent time with him recently, I realised that I needed to be braver.

And I can be brave because of all of you – those that donate to our cause. The AKF takes no Government funding, rare in this world and Dr. Brown reminded me of our independence.



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