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9th May 2013

9 May 2013 –

Gosh I think Miss Bennett is getting too big for her boots and she should put them up on the trees at Quinlans (see Mum’s Diary). You know how I always walk beside Mum in the bush and at Quinlans.  Well…… well, Miss Bennett sometimes goes off completely on her own. I know, I know you think I am dobbing on her, and I suppose I am but honestly! She could be killed by a snake and guess what we nearly thought she had because she came back to Mum crying with a sore paw. You should have heard her crying and I felt very sorry for her, I really did.


Anyway, it was probably one of those HUGE ants that really sting and after that she seemed to keep much closer to Mum and me. We had a new friend Suzi at Quinlans and she took photos of me and Miss Bennett playing and also helping with the Bird Run Tree Planting. Miss Bennett actually picked up some of the trees and delivered them to the tree planters.  I thought that was very clever actually.  I didn’t want to do that but Mum said I could just supervise because I am Mr. Darcy and that I am actually a writer, not a tree planter. Good eh?  


Anyway keep an eye on my Diary because in a few days you can see all the beautiful pictures of everyone at Quinlans.  Gosh it was fun. Mum is going away to the bush without us for a couple of weeks.  She said it is secret where she is going so don’t tell anyone.  Our friend Caro is coming to look after us though and she is lots of fun.


Have you joined your dogs in the Koala Army – you MUST! 

Corporal Darcy, over and out – that is Koala Army language.


11th June 2013

11 June 2013 –

Remember last time I wrote that Miss Bennett was helping with the tree planting, well, have a look at her – doesn’t she look clever?       and look at all the beautiful...


15th April 2013

15 April 2013 –

Boy have I been busy, sorry I haven’t been writing.  Miss Bennett takes up a lot of my time. This last week we all got into a lot of trouble because Miss Bennett, who loves gardening shredded a...


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