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30th April 2012

30 April 2012 –

Today is a very important day for koalas and Mum is very busy writing and talking to people. It has been raining a lot too. When I got back from Quinlan’s one of our native animals on the property had got himself stuck in a door in our chicken pen. Mum and I had to be very brave and we had to cut a piece of wire so the “fat” part of him could get out. You know it just shows how much you have to think about things, because Mum had our “chookpen snake-proofed” a few months ago and she thought this would be the last time we had to do all this (Australian’s call chickens chooks by the way), but we forgot about the DOOR!

Anyway, I am not sure what was in his tummy, but it seemed to have moved down a long way, so he must have been in there with another smaller snake for at least two days. The poor chickens – the ones he didn’t eat –( ooops, I wasn’t going to tell you that Giovanni – our rooster is missing), are a little afraid of going back in there.  

Many people asked Mum and I whether we were going to kill the snakes. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?! Who ate chicken for lunch today? I did, I often get a little bit of chicken in my food for a treat. Frank does too.  He loves it. Anyway, Mum said it is just the circle of life and our snake will now go to sleep for the winter.

I don’t think everyone will be going to sleep over our winter. Mum said something exciting is happening on 21st May and I am going to get to wear stripes. Hmmmm, I wonder what that means?


25th May 2012

25 May 2012 –

Oh my goodness, I am famous – look at me, when I was little, on the blog of  There is a girl called Cathy who really fancies me and she wrote lovely things ...


1st March 2012

1 March 2012 –

Gosh what a busy day today. I am in the office rearing to go and guess what – there are a whole lot of people I HAVE NEVER MET BEFORE!!  Rose is here and I love Rose. She always has treats for ...


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