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30 March 2016

30 March 2016 –

Hi Koala lovers,

I am witing to you from Washington DC where I am meeting with international lobbyists who can help the AKF with a Koala Protection Act.

The KPA is now written and just a few legal tweaks being made by our legal team.  It is very exciting.

What I have realised is that when the time comes for our political leaders to really realise that we mean business with this legislation, we will need someone who can stand firm in the negotiations.

Most lobbyists in Australia have connections to industry and luckily in the international arena there is more scope for me to find the right person.

The KPA will have global implications.  Legislation that can protect trees will be essential as we move into an ever hotter and hotter climate.

It beggars belief to me that “people”, all of us do not realise that that trees have protected this planet for millions of years and better still have kept our climate stable.

Anyone who has endured the last month here in Brisbane with the hottest temperatures ever will now that the future will be bleak unless we learn to cool our environments down and I do not mean by air conditioning.

I mean by trees.

I am always grateful for the support we receive from you; when I take every course of action to help save the Koala, I think of you all – I am your voice because I know that the everyday person realises it is essential that we save it – and of course it’s trees. 

No Tree No Me.


18 April 2016

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22 March 2016

22 March 2016 –

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