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26th November 2012

26 November 2012 –

I know, I know, I am always talking about snakes and today is no exception.  When we went to bed last night a little snake got caught on the door of our bedroom and Mum had to get my friend Bill to come and get him this morning.  That meant we got to have a sleep over on the verandah and we could see Mum.  Usually when we are in the garage we cannot see her.   It was a little scary being in the dark, but I was with my brother Tim and he looked after me.  We were not allowed to go into the bush because that is not allowed at night time.  Mum put up a barrier so we were all safe and it is getting hot, so we were not cold.

Mum took my friend the snake to the Vet, but he died and Mum said that is very sad.   I suppose he shouldn’t have been in our bedroom, but he doesn’t know those things.  Dogs do.

Mum also told me about a dog called Tess who goes to work with a man who is going to help write a new piece of paper about protecting the Koalas.  Apparently she is a “legal” dog, like I am a “sustainable dog” so one day I might get to thank her.  She sounds like she works hard like I do.   This man and his friends really care for wildlife and Mum says that the piece of paper might really be special because it will say that people who cut down trees won’t be able to do that anymore.   We had a man cut down trees near us and it was really horrible.  All that noise.  Poor possums and baby birds.  Shocking – that is my new word.     Mum says “pathetic” and I say “shocking”.


18th December 2012

18 December 2012 –

At our house which Mum says is our home there is this huge big picture thing and every day when Mum says “come on Mr. Darcy, let us watch the news”, all sorts of things come in to our lounge room....


31st October 2012

31 October 2012 –

Quinlan’s.  Well, you know I love Quinlan’s and even though I am still a little bit scared, I want to tell you a story.  You have to promise that after I tell you, that you will still lo...


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