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23rd February 2011

23 February 2011 –

I went swimming in the creek this morning. Boy was it muddy and Mum said I had to stay home. I also had a little “accident” in the office yesterday too when the Postman came. I was so excited to see him. Dane had to stay home today because his hips are sore. When we got home, he was very cross when he realised he had missed out on the long walk. I was so tired after our swim that I didn’t even get to say goodbye to Mum when she went to work. I bet the girls are missing me but you know I love staying at home too. So hard to make the decision to come to work. Board meeting in the morning. Will be up bright and early.


28th February 2011

28 February 2011 –

Mum is going away to Gunnedah on Thursday to talk about koalas and she is going by plane so I am not allowed to go. I have to stay home with my grandpa and a baby-sitter. This is the first time Mum ha...


16th February 2011

16 February 2011 –

I am off to the Vet today, having an operation. Mum says it will keep me being a boy that doesn't chase girls. Why would I do that when I have Mum? I love her and gosh we had a great time at Quinlans....


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