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21st September 2015

13 January 2016 –



Urban here.


You have been waiting for action. It is time, and it is now up to you. Help keep my friends and the Koala forests of Australia on the minds of our leaders.

Our Commander in Chief says that 128 of our federal politicians have been asked: 'Do you support a Koala Protection Act to save the Koala?'

All we needed was a Yes or a No.


Seven did respond, and they were: 

  • Tanya Plibersek
  • Kelvin Thomson
  • Laurie Ferguson
  • Bob Baldwin
  • Sarah Henderson
  • Barnaby Joyce
  • Christopher Pyne


Although they responded, they did not answer the question. Most of them sent their letter onto Minister Hunt (Federal Minister for Environment) and he takes months to reply. Worse still, some suggested listing the Koala in 2012, and funding a little bit of research is enough to protect us. It's shocking.


So now is the time to write to them all and say 'we want you to say yes to a Koala Protection Act!'


Do you need inspiration on what to say? Here are a couple of thoughts from the owls of the bush – they're so wise. 

'I want our Koalas protected because…'
'I love Koalas because…'
'The current laws are broken. Koalas are not being protected because…'
'I want you to support a Koala Protection Act…'



Click links below to email Members State by State asking for a Koala Protection Act:

Write to the Members for New South Wales
Write to the Members for Victoria
Write to the Members for Queensland
Write to the Members for South Australia
Click here to view ALL email addresses


Urban's Tips:

  • You can write to your federal member – do you know who that is?  Visit Act or Axe.
  • You don't have to stop there. We've given you the option to email all federal politicians from each State in a BCC group (we recommend this option!) They're all needed for the Koala Protection Act. No need for State politicians any longer – or even local Council. It's time for the Feds to step in and help.
  • Or, you can copy and paste all emails  into a group contact list in your email program.
  • Email me at to let us know who you've written to, or if you have any questions. You can also CC me in your emails to politicians, so I can keep track!

Send a “gentle reminder” to them every day so they can start thinking about my mates in the bush.  Don’t forget to be polite – otherwise they will not take you seriously. Just tell them how much you love being in the Koala Army and that you want to save everything in the Koala forests of Australia, and most importantly, that a Koala Protection Act is essential.


For those wanting to visit your local pollie (is that a bird?), you could drop in some Koala Cookies, Koala Cupcakes (recipe here) or just a bunch of beautiful gum leaves; they have to start realising that the Koalas need their help.  Remember, this person is the Koala's federal member too. They sometimes forget that.


Maybe even virtual cupcakes – is that possible in this modern day world?  I suppose it is – so if you can do that, off you go!


I've been watching all the stuff going on in Canberra, and some sometimes I wish I could go back to the bush, but I can’t.  I have work to do!


I need your help.



Over and Out,



21st October 2015

13 January 2016 –

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10th Aug 2015

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