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18th December 2012

18 December 2012 –

At our house which Mum says is our home there is this huge big picture thing and every day when Mum says “come on Mr. Darcy, let us watch the news”, all sorts of things come in to our lounge room.

It is amazing really and I haven’t really taken much notice of it until now because I have been too busy saving Koalas with Mum.    Last week, there was this great thing which showed a lovely dog (I am a dog) and he was incredibly loyal to his owner even though he was dead.

He sat and sat outside a train station for 9 years, even though some people were mean to him and everything.   Can you imagine anyone being mean to a dog?  I am dog, that is me.  Imagine anyone being mean to me?  Well I cannot imagine that really.  Anyway this dog sat and sat and nothing else could make him happy.

Mum said that is loyalty and she said dogs are famous for that.   I am loyal to Mum.  They put a statue of this dog, called Hachi outside the train station and Mum said when she goes to Japan to say thank you to a company called Lotte, she is going to go and see his statue and tell him hello from Mr. Darcy.


This week, we had a whole family of King Parrots come on to our balcony while Mum was having breakfast and she said “that is Mummy’s Mr. Darcy”, which is what she used to say when I was little so I would learn the rules about not chasing wildlife.    I must say, I was a little annoyed about that because I don’t have to be told that anymore.  I am a big dog now and I know that already!



So if you are getting a puppy over Christmas, make sure you have very strict rules about not chasing things and they will learn to be good like me.  Mum said we are getting a puppy for Christmas and her name is Miss Elizabeth Bennett and that she is going to be my companion.


Anyway back to that big thing in the lounge room, the other night there was this horrible scene where a big long reptile thing ate a wilderbeest and I had to sit a bit closer to Mum because I thought it was going to eat me next.   Somehow or other those things don’t seem to come out of the box into the lounge room, but boy are they pretty close.

Mum said there will be lots more TV viewing over Christmas and I won’t be writing my Diary for a few weeks and that I have to say Merry Christmas to everyone from Mr. Darcy.


Merry Christmas everyone!

Love Mr. Darcy.


14th January 2013

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26th November 2012

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