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18th August 2011

18 August 2011 –

Did you hear that Mrs. Wallaby at Quinlans has a new joey in her pouch. It seems to me that lots of animals both at home and Quinlans are having babies. At the weekend Mum and I watched Mrs. and Mr. Cockatoo bring their new babies into our paddocks. I had to sit very quietly while they wandered around near our horse trough (I usually like to sit in that), which has lots of water in it. Gosh they can screech a lot. We also have a new snake in our chookpen and Mum said she is brand new. We have called her Claire and she is very very naughty because she has killed two chickens and she completely wasted them. Her “eyes are bigger than her belly” because she tried to swallow them and couldn’t. Poor chickens. Mum is locking everyone up in our chook tractor each night until we can “snake proof” our chicken coup. Gosh there is a lot to do, but as always I will help Mum with that job. I can carry hammers now. I think I am going to Quinlans soon, so Mum said I have to be very very good and not frighten all the new wallaby joeys.

PS Mum found a tick on me this morning – scary!! Make sure you regularly check all your doggy friends (cats too) for them.


Mrs Wallaby and her new joey



29th August 2011

29 August 2011 –

I’m feeling a bit off colour today. Mum thinks it is from those nasty ticks. We are going to the vet this afternoon (I am not suppose to know but I heard Mum telling Rose). It was my Birthday last w...


20th July 2011

20 July 2011 –

Yesterday, I found a dead duck and Mum is hoping it isn't Mr or Mrs Duck who are having babies. Because I am such a good Golden Retriever, I brought it to my friend Jayne's place and thank goodness sh...


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