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18 April 2016

18 April 2016 –

I am back from America all fired up ready to have our political leaders support a Koala Protection Act.

Even better news we have had a celebrity sign up to support the Koala and in the coming weeks we will let you know about her and what she hopes to accomplish as we head to an election. Election fever is alive and well here in our country and the politics are too weird to explain to our overseas supporters, but needless to say we are on our way to an election either on July 2nd or later in the year. We should know in three weeks or so – thank goodness. At least we can focus our energies on getting them to focus on the Koala.

What I have learnt overseas, as always is that we have to see ourselves in a world context and of course there is election fever in America too. That too, is weird and I do not think anyone can predict who is going to win. It is 50/50 in our country at the moment which is great because that means we have to really consider how important our vote can be to change the future.

Have a look at Act or Axe if you are Australians – you will be able to see how your local politician feels about the Koalas and its habitat in their electorate. Sadly most of them do not give it any thought. I think voters in general, around the world are in flux. I think the problems of the world are so diverse and complex that it is hard to find confidence in just one leader who promises to fix it all. No-one can fix it all, but what they do need is a good and strong team around them. I am hoping whoever wins, will have that strong team because the problems of the world are very sad, complex and will need great wisdom and strength to resolve them.

Patience is another thing I learnt while away, not usually one of my strong suits, but what I could see is that I have staying power and that I still have more than enough energy to get a Koala Protection Act. I loved being away for other reasons too. It allows you the freedom to look at what you have and I could see my amazing team with fresh and grateful eyes. We all work too hard here, so many of us are long term workers and I am confident that collective wisdom will win the day. I am also grateful for you, our donors and supporters.

Write to me, I would love to hear what you think.

Fondest regards, Deborah


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