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16th August 2016

16 August 2016 –

Save The Koala Month is almost here! We dogs don’t have such a good reputation when it comes to being in the bush with koalas, but my mum is helping me to set a good example for all my Golden Retriever brothers and sisters. Well, all dogs around the world I suppose, but as you know us “Goldens” think we are special.   

Dogs and their human families can have a great time together in nature, as long as we respect and care for the habitat of the native wildlife.  Here in Australia and at my home there are simple rules: we have proper bedtimes, leads, and good discipline all of which helps to keep Koalas and other wildlife safe. 

Mum (the Koala Woman) and I are still brainstorming my fundraising event for STKM2016 – that’s Save The Koala Month 2016!  You can see me contemplating what I’m going to do in this picture:

I’m hoping to inspire other dog families to do something special to help the Australian Koala Foundation this year.  Write to me, tell me some great ideas and I can blog (I am a dog with a blog) around the world. I will share your  stories on the AKF’s Facebook page to inspire others as September gets closer!

Love and tail wags,



26th August 2016

26 August 2016 –

  Honestly how can anyone take Charlie seriously and think that he will be at all useful for Save the Koala Month? Time for serious fundraising - not ripping up teddies in the sun. Goodness...


2nd August 2016

2 August 2016 –

Hi all,   You know, Charlie and Lulu just do not get it that Mum has to go to work and save koalas! I thought Charlie was going to cry when she left this morning.   ...


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