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15th April 2013

15 April 2013 –

Boy have I been busy, sorry I haven’t been writing.  Miss Bennett takes up a lot of my time. This last week we all got into a lot of trouble because Miss Bennett, who loves gardening shredded a whole lot of Mum’s plants while she was at work. You know how you feel guilty when one person gets into trouble and you know that you could have stopped them. That’s how Time, Polly and I felt.  Miss Bennett did look a little bit guilty, but she did it again the next day so she mustn’t have felt too guilty. Mum said she was missing being with Mum all the time now that she has to work so hard to save the Koalas. Mum says she will grow out of it and we all got extra toys and bones the next day, so it wasn’t all that bad. 


Anyway we are going to Quinlans with Mum this week and that will keep Miss Bennett occupied.  Ian, Fiona, Jono; we are all going.  I love going there and guess what we are going to be planting a whole lot of trees for the birds at Quinlans on May 1 and a famous photographer Suzi is coming to take photos. If you would like to buy a tree for that, we would love that, thank you.


Anyway the most important thing I wanted to tell you is that you have to join the Koala Army and I really figured that seeing I am Corporal Darcy and Mum says I am ready for real work now, I want all dogs in the whole world to join my Koala Army Dog Platoon. So order your Dog Tags for your canine companion and I will make sure that they can be involved in the Koala Army Gatherings. We dogs can save Koalas too. They will have to be “Private” because I am their boss “Corporal”. Remember in a dog pack, someone always has to be the leader. And also remember if your dog isn’t as well trained as me, make sure he or she goes to bed when it is dark, or better still to puppy or dog training school so that they know what to do to protect our beautiful environment. I didn’t actually go to Puppy School.  My Grandpa Dane and Mum taught me, but Miss Bennett did. Maybe because she isn’t just Golden Retriever, her Father was a Maremma and they can sometimes be a little scary. Mum said she is needed by our pack because we are getting something called goats. I don’t think I know what a goat is, but Mum said you can make beautiful cheese with their milk. We might even do that at Quinlans so Mum is practising at our place. Anyway back to Maremmas. They are very brave and look after things so she is perfect companion for me and Mum.


Mum said she will protect us both and might even be bigger than me. Maybe even bigger than Tim. Maybe even bigger that Dane the Great. Oh my goodness.

Over and out – that is Koala Army language.



9th May 2013

9 May 2013 –

Gosh I think Miss Bennett is getting too big for her boots and she should put them up on the trees at Quinlans (see Mum’s Diary). You know how I always walk beside Mum in the bush and at Q...


18th March 2013

18 March 2013 –

Mum said I am very clever because I am teaching Miss Bennett everything I know and that means I am very smart. Mum said that, not me! Yesterday 3 big cockatoos came into our backyard and I “told...


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