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15th April 2013

24 April 2013 –


From your Commander in Chief;
Your recruits are amazing. Well done. Please thank them for their emails advising me that they are on stand-by. Remember, what we need from them now is discipline, silence and recruiting, recruiting, recruiting. They need to gather their friends and get them to join our Koala Army. Key pieces of information will be given over the coming weeks and months. Remember that to win, timing is everything. From now on that information will be known by the code word 'Gumnuts'. The Gumnuts are vital pieces of information that they will need to know to help you and all your koala mates. So stay alert and wait TOP SECRET Gumnuts.  
Urban, I am hearing bad news from the bush. The FFC (Flying Fox Commander) radioed that things are really bad in the bat world. There is talk of shooting. Koala numbers are shocking too. And for goodness sake, there are some who work for industry still saying that Koalas are doing well! 
Remember Urban, our recruits are an army for peace. Peace for the Koalas and everything else that lives on this beautiful planet. Our recruits need to speak up wherever they see animal cruelty or destruction that will lead our planet into sadness and despair. 

Key dates for their calendars.
May 11th 2013 and June 6th, 2013. Gathering of your troops for group photos.
July 1 – Recruitment drive – we need more troops.
August 3 – Koala Army Gatherings.
September 1 – Wattle Showers – computers will be needed.
September 14th – K Day.   
Over and out.
Commander in Chief.
Important message from Urban.
Recruits, time to get your Dog Tags. Those wanting to be Commanders for the Koala Army Gatherings – put 'Commander' under your name. You may be nominated as a leader of a brigade or a platoon. Our Commander in Chief will then be able to give information directly to you. She will teach you leadership, guide you through the task at hand and prepare you for the next phase.   
We need photos of you at your Koala Army Gatherings. Send ASAP. And remember, mum's the word.
I need you. We need you.
Enlist T-Shirt Womens – $19.95                                  Dog Tags – $19.95
Enlist T-Shirt Mens – $19.95                                           Bottle Opener Dog Tags – $19.95





24th July 2013

29 July 2013 –

Recruits, K-Day has been changed to a date unknown so we can all relax a little. That said, the date could be sprung upon us and our Commander in Chief wants you ready for action....


2nd April 2013

24 April 2013 –

Recruits, I have just had the following directive from my Commander in Chief.   TOP SECRET   Urban   It is time – the Koalas need the Koa...


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