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12th September 2011

12 September 2011 –

I am in hospital and hating it! I have been really sick this weekend – those horrible little ticks again. Mum says that it is better that I am in the hospital than at home so I can have a rest and recover and not be tempted to run in the paddocks and play with Tim and Polly. Mum checks me ALL the time and I still get them. I want to ask all the humans who read my diary to double check their dogs and cats for ticks because being this sick is really miserable.


15th September 2011

15 September 2011 –

I love Vet Nurses because when you are really really sick, they let you put your head on their laps and they feed you because it is very hard to eat when you have a nasty tick bite. I have a huge hole...


6th September 2011

6 September 2011 –

I have been really sick and I didn't even get to celebrate my real birthday but I have decided to celebrate in October when I first met Mum. She was so worried about me, I could tell. Those little tic...


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