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12th November 2013

12 November 2013 –

Hi Everyone,

Mr. Darcy here. I was the first dog to be recruited into the Koala Army and I want all of your dogs to join too. The Koala Army means that I promise to help mum get a Koala Protection Act. I am so proud that I have never hurt a Koala (I did chase a Magpie at the weekend). Don’t tell mum.  

Why not buy your canine friend a Dog Tag with their name on it! It makes me really proud when I wear my Dog Tag, it shows that I love Koalas and will not hurt them.  Help the Australian Koala Foundation in our fight for the Koala. Your donations are the lifeblood that enables us to speak for the Koala and its habitat. 

I’m looking forward to protecting the Koala with you and eating Christmas dinner.

Mr Darcy xx


19th November 2013

19 November 2013 –

I know, I know, I haven’t been writing much fun stuff lately because, well, it has just been busy.    Christmas is coming and I think I wrote to everyone about getting Dog Tags for Xmas ...


8th October 2013  

8 October 2013 –

Mum said the "election" is finished and she is very glad that it has come and gone.   Now, the time for hardwork and that is getting a Koala Protection Act.   Mum said that people ...


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