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10th March 2014

10 March 2014 –

Hi everyone,

Miss Bennett and I are now quite peaceful about the loss of our family, Tim and Polly but we miss them every day. Mum said that this must be what Koala families feel when one of their family dies on a road or is a killed by a dog (not me I would never do that!).


Mum said that the whole world would be so sad if animals went to extinction and even though our house keeps getting more and more birds, Mum said it is often because other people are cutting down trees and the birds know they are safe at our house. 


The sound of chainsaws is a terrible sound and just recently we had to cut down a VERY DANGEROUS tree that had died because of the floods.  It was hanging right over Mum’s bedroom and she said it would be terrible if it landed on the house. A GREAT BIG cherry picker came and a man went up very carefully and cut down all the DANGEROUS branches. Mum said a lot of birds and little things, that I don’t really see because they come out in the night time (I am in bed by then) lived in that tree. I think she said that are sugar gliders. Isn’t that a lovely name.



Anyway Mum made sure that the big trunk of the tree stayed and that all the little hollows are still safe and guess what Mum said she saw a Sacred Kingfisher in one of the holes, so even though it must have been TERRIFYING for all those little animals to hear the chainsaws, that they have come back.


Miss Bennett and I missed the whole thing. We had to go to bed even in the DAYTIME.


Only good thing about that was we had a treat!


Talk soon.


12th May 2014

12 May 2014 –

Miss Bennett is getting very bossy and even getting bigger than me.   Mum said that is because her father was HUGE!   He was a Maremma and they love to look after things and they are very bi...


18th February 2014

18 February 2014 –

Koala pooh found at Quinlans! Gosh, and I wasn't there! Click here to find out more....


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