Dear Koala Lovers, The election is over and the Australian Koala Foundation has called on the new Prime Minister to enact the Koala Protection Act . AKF is now in planning mode and will be writing to ... read more
Recruits, The Commander in Chief has just announced frightening news for Koalas, and has called on the new Australian Prime Minister to man up and enact the Koala Protection Act! Make sure you read ... read more
I have been left behind. Mum said she would miss me, but she said I would shed too much hair in the hire car in the front seat. Mr. Darcy read more
Hello Koala lovers, I have just put out a press release (probably the most important press release of AKF’s history) to announce that I think the Koala may be “functionally extinct” in the landscape ... read more
Lulu wants a sleep over with us. Love Mr Darcy read more
September is fast approaching and so is our annual fundraising and awareness campaign Save the Koala Month . Read the press release for our new campaign "I need a Hero", and visit the STKM page for ... read more
Koala Army Alert
Recruits, We need you to keep an eye on an operational convoy from Tasmania to Queensland prior to the 18th of May Australian election. Over and Out Urban read more
Recruits, Bin Chicken inspirational again! He is looking to cover every bin in the whole world with a message to join the Koala Army. Download free printable Koala Army posters and plaster them on ... read more
Hello Koala lovers, Thank you so much for the feedback on my last Diary about water. It shows that you are all on the page about the importance of water to us as humans, and the environment. I ... read more
Recruits, We need your help to distribute Koala Army Bookmarks - give them to friends, colleagues, or put them in coffee shops or anywhere that will help spread the word! Request 20 free Koala Army ... read more