Adopt a Koala


Adopt a gorgeous Koala for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

Your adoption kit includes a beautiful, personalised certificate with a photo of your Koala, a welcome letter, Koala stickers and more. If you are in the area you can drop in and visit your Koala!* (Cost of adoption does not include park admission fees). 

Please note: Koalas are not pets. This is a symbolic adoption, or a 'foster' program. Your monthly donation will be helping Koalas in the wild.

*We cannot guarantee however, that the Koala will be available for viewing on the day so it is always best to contact the zoo or park prior to your visit to avoid disappointment.


Select a mum & joey:

Button's Joey is a little girl who has just started riding on mum's back. She is still shy though - when he sees you, she will duck around behind mum and hide! Button has been a fantastic first time mum, and is often seen cradling her Joey tightly in her arms to keep her warm.
Button & Joey
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Cordelia is Zap’s second joey and she is a great mum. Little Cordelia is already showing an outgoing, inquisitive personality and can’t resist checking out what the keepers are doing whenever they enter the enclosure. She is finding humans quite fascinating and likes to examine her keepers closely whenever they are in her reach.
Zap & Cordelia
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Brisbane Qld)
Orana is Pepper’s 2nd Joey and she definitely takes after her mum. At 9 months old Orana has started exploring her surroundings and is quite often found visiting with Grandma who also shares their enclosure. 'Orana' means moon in the local Aboriginal language.
Pepper & Orana
Paradise Country (Gold Coast, QLD)