Adopt a Koala


Adopt a gorgeous Koala for yourself or as a gift for someone special.

Your adoption kit includes a beautiful, personalised certificate with a photo of your Koala, a welcome letter, Koala stickers and more. If you are in the area you can drop in and visit your Koala!* (Cost of adoption does not include park admission fees). 

Please note: Koalas are not pets. This is a symbolic adoption, or a 'foster' program. Your monthly donation will be helping Koalas in the wild.

*We cannot guarantee however, that the Koala will be available for viewing on the day so it is always best to contact the zoo or park prior to your visit to avoid disappointment.


Select an adult:

Charlie is a friendly, energetic boy who loves to come down for cuddles with his keepers. Always on the look out at meal times, he is the first to line up for some fresh leaves.
Charlie Brown
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat VIC)
Boo is a sweet female, born in 2010. She loves a cuddle and will go to sleep very quickly.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, QLD)
Buttons is a quiet girl with a sweet little face. She prefers to watch all the daily activities from her favourite branch up high and keeps visitors amused with her comical choices of sleeping position.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat, VIC)
Even though Maximus is one of the largest koalas in the sanctuary, he is quite the gentle giant. He has a regal stature and a quiet nature but can be quite nervous in usual situations. Maximus can be selective about when he wants to cuddle or interact with his humans but when you find his favourite massage spot, he is putty in your hands.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Brisbane, QLD)
Rubern is a little gentleman! He is so gentle with the other koalas. Rubern is just entering his teenage years and as he matures he is finding his voice. Rubern celebrated the birth of his first offspring in April 2014, “Caesar”.
Featherdale Wildlife Park (Sydney, NSW)
Barnacle is certainly a grown up now but he still maintains a calm, serene outlook on life. He is not fazed by much and is very happy to spend his day cuddled up to his housemate. He enjoys a good scratch from his keepers but sometimes he can be a little shy with people he doesn’t know.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Brisbane, QLD)
Guppy is quite a shy koala and can get quite nervous in unusual situations. Her favourite place is high up in a tree within her enclosure where she can keep an eye on everything going on around her. She tends to keep to herself and can be quite selective about who she chooses to spend time with.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Brisbane Qld)
Byron is a beautiful koala and is much loved by his keepers. He is now a dad a few times over but still has a childlike innocence about him. He is a gentle soul and can get a little nervous in unusual situations but he loves relaxing in his favourite tree.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Brisbane Qld)
Moira is 11 years old this year and still adorable. With her fluffy dark face and beautiful nature no-one can resist walking past her without giving her attention, which she quite happily puts up with.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Shelby is an adorable little girl, who turns 10 in 2017. She has extremely fluffy fur on her face and she is very good at getting what she wants just by looking at you. She is very loving and enjoys any attention you will give her.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Crumble is an absolute sweetheart. She enjoys a good scratch or massage but she’s not keen on cuddles from people she doesn’t know. She has endeared herself to her keepers and they were very happy to learn that she has just become a mum for the first time! We are all looking forward to watching her maternal side develop over the coming year.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Brisbane Qld)
Lola turned 10 in 2016! With her little dark face and loving nature she is a favourite. You will quite often find her cuddled up to her friends in her enclosure fast asleep. She lives with 3 other girls the same age as her.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Milton is a very gentle boy who can be easily recognised by the unique white markings on his face. He spends his days snuggled up with Molly and charming every visitor he meets.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat Vic)
Violet can now be considered a matriarch – or maybe just a bit of a princess! She can be very bossy and certainly rules her enclosure. She definitely has her favourite resting sites in her enclosure and her housemates know not to try and steal them away from her!
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Brisbane Qld)
Allira is an 11 year old girl. She has a bit of a mischievous streak and loves to nibble on things but is also very well behaved and loves attention in small doses. She much prefers to be in her enclosure with her 4 friends.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Misty is a lovely lady, she turned 10 in 2015! She is quite cheeky and will often chase you around the enclosure looking for a cuddle. Misty is a small girl, with a very cute pink tip nose.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
At nearly 5 years old, Brittany is quite the lady! She is territorial and will allow no other koalas up her tree when she is at home. Brittany has always been cheeky, ever since she came out of pouch. She has a 6th sense and always knows when you need her, quickly finding a place in the tallest tree!
Featherdale Wildlife Park (Sydney, NSW)
Romeo is a sweet male. He is a very quiet shy little boy. He loves his cuddles so much that he often falls asleep when being held. Bit of a mummy’s boy, he is always cuddled up to one of his mates in his enclosure. He was born on Valentine’s Day in 2011!
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Cinnamon is a precious Koala. She’s a very gentle girl who loves to be cuddled. She lives with 4 other females and is often seen cuddling up to the other girls in her pen for attention.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Fingal is a gorgeous koala with a lovely nature. He is actually quite energetic and it’s not unusual to see him actively exploring his enclosure at various times throughout the day. He is now a dad but he is still very much a child at heart himself.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Brisbane Qld)
Cooper is such sweetheart. He loves nothing more than greeting you first thing in the morning, with a cuddle as you enter his enclosure. Cooper is a proud father of 2, so far, and is a vital member of Featherdale's breeding program.
Featherdale Wildlife Park (Sydney, NSW)
Artti is a sweet boy who loves a cuddle and to run through the hose when the keepers clean out the enclosure. Quite often you will see Artti at bottom of the enclosure playing with his cage mates. He lives with 3 other males around the same age and will often snuggle up to the other boys after playtime.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Chloe is a cheeky 4 year old girl who quite often jumps around her enclosure from tree to tree. She occasionally likes to be cuddled but soon enough wants to get back to playing and won’t sit for long. With her pink tip nose she is a real cutie.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Matilda is a cuddly, fluffy little go-getter. She jumps at any opportunity to have her photo taken or come out to greet guests. She investigates all activity that goes on in her enclosure and makes sure that everyone knows who she is.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat Vic)
Chloee is famous among staff for having the most beautiful fluffy ears!! Something that she passed on to her son Archer! But don’t let Chloe’s stunning looks fool you…there’s no bark but she does bite!! Each koala has their own personality and Chloe has a feisty attitude that sometimes shows its face!
Featherdale Wildlife Park (Sydney, NSW)
Humphrey is a handsome big man who knows what he likes. He is an expert at posing for photos with his adoring fans and makes a habit of stealing whatever he can from all the other koala’s branches while his keepers aren’t looking.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat Vic)
PJ is the strong silent type preferring to snooze the day away in his enclosure. He is a good-looking guy and occasional he makes a guest appearance during one of our guided tours.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat Vic)
Mr Snooze is a cheeky little man who likes to keep everyone guessing. He has lots of energy and can often be seen jumping around his sleeping friends. He is a big hit with visitors who fall in love with his naughty personality and mischievous little face.
Mr Snooze
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat Vic)
Molly is a sweet little replica of her Mum Matilda. With a similar, friendly personality she thrives on being centre stage during photo experiences and will not hesitate to climb over any koala that is in her way.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat Vic)
Minin is a gorgeous boy, who has the sweetest, softest nature. He simply loves to be loved. Minin will fall asleep when being cuddled, just like a real baby. He has the cutest pink tip nose, which just adds to his sweet nature.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Kubill is a beautiful girl. She has the brightest big brown eyes, that some say she has puppy dog eyes. She is quite big for her age, and gives the best cuddles, with her cute big round belly poking out.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Rosé (pronounced Rose-ay) is a petite, gentle koala. She fairly quiet and reserved but is a real sweetheart and she has stolen many hearts of keepers lucky enough to work with her.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Brisbane Qld)
Aster is a beautiful koala with a big appetite! When he is not sleeping, his favourite thing to do is eat as many eucalyptus leaves as he can and he is on his way to being a very big boy. Aster still has a playful side and often enjoys a friendly wrestle with his housemates.
Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary (Brisbane Qld)
Chester is such a handsome young man and everyone seems to think so too - he has been featured on and the Daily Mail! His best mate Caesar is always by his side, whether for a play or a nap.
Featherdale Wildlife Park (Sydney, NSW)
Willow is quite the young lady. She loves a hug, but sneakily chews on your shirt while she distracts you with the cuddle! We are looking forward to the year ahead with the potential of Willow becoming a first time mum!
Featherdale Wildlife Park (Sydney, NSW)
You can always locate Rose because of her rose pink ears! She is such a wonderful Mum and has successful reared 2 daughters to date and is most important to our captive breeding program. Rose likes to keep to herself most of the day but doesn’t mind joining the other girls to feast when lunch arrives!
Featherdale Wildlife Park (Sydney, NSW)
Matari is an adolescent male who still has a lot of growing to do. He’s a handsome and good natured boy that loves his cuddles and is admired by all who come to visit. Matari is most certainly a favourite amongst staff and guests alike.
Paradise Country (Gold Coast, QLD)
Tinkerbell has a really big pink nose, which makes her distinctive from the 3 other girls she lives with. She's a pretty solitary soul, with a sweet and gentle temperament.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
Ray is a sweet boy, born in September 2014. He is very inquisitive and always looking around, checking things out. Ray loves a cuddle or two, but would much rather be jumping and climbing around his enclosure. Always on the go!
Dreamworld (Gold Coast, Qld)
One of our youngest girls at The Maze who loves the affection of people, Euky loves belly rubs and will spread her arms out to let people scratch her hairy chest. She is very active in the morning jumping from branch to branch. Euky is a show off and loved by all of our Guests.
The Maze (Perth, Western Australia)
Coco is a very laid back Koala. She is one of our biggest girls and loves to see people. She has a favourite branch and can always be seen on it relaxing.
The Maze (Perth, Western Australia)
Daisy is very much a princess that loves to be spoilt with yummy eucalyptus leaves. She loves to spend her days snuggled up in the perching next to her best friends Millie and Mr. Snooze. She has a sweet nature just like her mum Matilda.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat Vic)
Cheeby can be recognised by her gorgeous round fluffy face and ears. She is a confident girl who is happy to let visitors have a gentle pat. Cheeby is the daughter of Jemma and Humphrey, and she has an older brother Mr Snooze.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Ballarat Vic)
Millie is a girl with attitude who knows what she wants, including being able to pose for photos with visitors and getting plenty of beauty sleep.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Victoria)
Nobby is a cute young man who lives with his 4 other friends. With his round, fluffy face and big eyes, he truly wins your heart over. Nobby loves a cuddle and will often be seen cuddling up to other friends in his enclosure. He was born just in time for Christmas in 2013.
Dreamworld (Gold Coast)
Maple is seven years old. She is a very relaxed mum and her Joey is always the first to emerge from the pouch and start exploring the outside world. She is the prettiest koala at our zoo and always sleeps in at feed time.
Wildlife HQ, Sunshine Coast (QLD)
Ivy is the youngest and cheekiest koala at the zoo. She is 2 years old and always up to mischief. At feeding time she can be found rummaging through the fresh koala leaves on the ground before the keepers can even get them into her browse holders.
Wildlife HQ, Sunshine Coast (QLD)
Pipin is little koala Ivy’s mum. She is a very cuddly koala and loves to go on adventures outside her exhibit around the zoo with her keepers. She is 4 years old and Wildlife HQ's ambassador for conservation of her species.
Wildlife HQ, Sunshine Coast (QLD)
Ella is a loving mother who doesn’t mind pulling her Son into line when being naughty. She is a quiet girl that prefers to hide in her Eucalyptus leaves and sleep all day. She does, however, look forward to mealtime every day, sitting on the perch closest to the door.
Ballarat Wildlife Park (Victoria)
Karri was born to Alinga at Adventure World in 2012. Karri really enjoys her hugs and is always keen to meet new people. Karri is very patient and chilled. Being the smallest Koala at Adventure World doesn't stop her from standing her ground when she wants to sit in a certain tree. Nobody messes with Karri!
Adventure World (Perth, WA)
Alinga made Adventure World her home in 2009. She is the mother of two beautiful daughters - Kaya and Karri. She loves her cuddles with the keepers and often runs to them with open arms. Alinga is the queen of the Koalas as she always gets to choose which branch to sit on and the other Koalas will be more than happy to move for her.
Adventure World (Perth, WA)
Jarrah was born to Orana in 2012. Jarrah is the younger brother to Yuka. Just like his mother, he is very affectionate and absolutely loves his cuddles. Jarrah is a bit of a troublemaker and very adventurous! He is always exploring and he is often found sitting on the rocks.
Adventure World (Perth, WA)
Yuka was born at Adventure World in 2011. He will only give you a cuddle if you compliment him on how stunningly handsome he is! But be careful, you may fall madly in love with him once he gives you one of those big hugs. Yuka is generally quite chilled and does his own thing, staying out of family drama.
Adventure World (Perth, WA)
Kaya was born at Adventure World in 2011. She is very shy but still enjoys meeting new people and especially her cuddles. Kaya loves her family and likes spending time with them. When you get to know her she will pull funny faces and interesting movements just to make you laugh.
Adventure World (Perth, WA)