The People Involved

National Board

Barry Scott (Founder)

Lorraine O'Keefe

Robert Gleeson

Andrew Timbs

David Bruce

David Grant

Fantastic Staff

Dave Mitchell - Landscape Ecologist

Dave has been working with the AKF as a landscape ecologist since 1996. In this vast role he works on our Koala Habitat Atlas, project planning, field site selection, field data selection, data statistical/GIS analyses, map production and report writing, plus offering scientific advice to our CEO. Mapping is a huge part of the AKF, which Dave really enjoys, along with aerial photo interpretation and our Tree list. Dave likes the AKF's single focussed approach of ensuring the sustainability of Koalas in the wild, and loves working with the great people involved.

Clare Oldfield - Online and Retail Shops

Clare started with the AKF in early 2014, managing our Save The Koala Shop at 40 Charlotte St in Brisbane, plus managing all online orders and buying or merchandise. She now also manages the Harrold's 'Plant a Tree' program and Adoption program. Along with meeting all types of people day to day, she loves the fact that every day that she's at the AKF, she's contributing in some way to help save the Koala. Clare has also completed a Bachelor of Justice majoring in Criminalology and Policing.

Ian Harling - Quinlans 'Jack of all Trades'

Ian, originally from England, works regularly at the AKF's property Quinlans, after starting as a volunteer. Sharing the same vision for the property as Deborah, Ian works closely with AKF staff and volunteers to bring ideas to fruition. From landscaping to building to plumbing, Ian loves that he's able to put the sustainable and creative ethics that both the AKF and he believe in as part of his working day. He loves that he's able to help the AKF with it's primary goal: protecting the natural environment that the Koala and other native species so desperately need to survive.

Aaron Webber - Koala Projects

Aaron works for the AKF to help manage the day to day running of the office with a particular focus on Koala Projects being undertaken by AKF. Aaron has always had a passion for protecting the environment and a particular interest in the Koala. He loves that he has the opportunity at AKF to use the skills gained in the corporate world to help save the planet and the Koala.

Shaun Wilson - Design & Strategy

Shaun began working for AKF as a consultant graphic designer in early 2017. He is a graduate of the 'Design Futures' program at Griffith University, and has a strong interest in how design can positively impact the complex social and environmental challenges we face.

David Staines - GIS Mapping

David has returned to work with the AKF in 2018 as a GIS/Mapping consultant. In the early nineties his role was as a GIS/Mapping Officer in the pilot research project the Joint Regional Koala Habitat Study that evolved into the Koala Habitat Atlas. With a 40 year history in Cartography, David enjoys the GIS analysis that underlays the Koala's habitat mapping. He also assists in the data statistical/GIS analysis and map production. Dave likes explaining to people the importance of mapping and how it contributes to ensure the sustainability of Koalas in the wild.

Anna Więckowska – SEO & Social Media

Anna, originally from Poland, began working for AKF in 2018, managing our social media accounts and improving our online visibility. It has always been her dream to work towards protecting the Koala and she decided to go to Australia, where her paths crossed with the AKF. She completed a Masters in Communication Management and she loves that she can use the skills gained in previous professional experience to help protect the environment and particularly, the Koala.

Rebecca Colbrook – Advisor

Rebecca began at the AKF in mid 2019. She has a strong interest in environmental protection, particularly the protection of the Koala (and other native animal!) habitats. She loves that she is able to apply the legal principles she has learnt at university in a way that directly helps the Koala.

Lili Wode – Public Relations & Communications

Lili joined the team in April 2019 to manage public relations and communications for the AKF. She is currently in her final year of a Bachelor of Communications and Business Management majoring in PR at the University of Queensland. Lili’s dream was to use her skills and education to work for non-profit organisations and create change through communication. Working with the AKF is extremely fulfilling for Lili as she has such a deep love for Koalas and determination to have their habitat protected.

GIS Analyst/Spacial Scientist

As part of the mapping team you will assist in updating the Koala Habitat Atlas (KHA), a Koala habitat map which covers the geographic range of the Koala in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, a total of 1.5 million square kilometres. Additional opportunities in habitat analysis and fieldwork depending on AKF’s current strategic objectives will occur from time to time. If you are passionate about the environment and Koalas and want to commit to a career in conservation this is indeed a unique opportunity and potential long-term position. Email: [email protected]

Volunteer position

We are currently looking for a volunteer skilled in Heritage Conservation. If this is something you are interested in please get in touch. Email: [email protected]

Key Service Providers

Honorary Appointments

  • Solicitor: Craig Smith
  • Auditors: PKF Hacketts
  • Creative Director: Dick Marks OAM