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The Australian Koala Foundation was proud to take part in this Saturday's Rights of Nature Tribunal, organised by Dr Michelle Maloney of the Australian Earth Laws Alliance (AELA). Our maps were ... read more
Hello Koala Lovers, On Friday I wrote to the Premier of Queensland and also the Federal Minister for the Environment and Energy . The Queensland Minister for the Environment, Mr. Steven Miles has ... read more
You may have heard about Cashew this week, as this Koala's latest walkabout in downtown Ipswich went viral . From suburban streets to the downtown core, Cashew is proof that Koalas can travel to just ... read more
Guess what? This morning Miss Bennett rescued a little baby bird. Mum said “what are you doing Miss Bennett” because she was sort of sitting really still and looking worried. Mum thought it might be ... read more
With spring in full swing, we've had a fresh group of Joeys join our Adoption programme! Click here to learn more about adopting a Joey, or even a Koala mum and joey to support our work. read more
Some good news for once, and no better day for it than Save The Koala Day! The Kybeyan Nature Reserve west of Cooma will be expanded with the purchase of an additional 1,000 hectares of koala habitat ... read more
How you you've helped The AKF would like to thank all the parks, organisations, businesses, and families who have supported our work and helped raise awareness for Koalas this September. We have been ... read more
A very happy Save The Koala Day to all Koala lovers worldwide! We want to thank you all for your support and for any events, activities, workshops, or fundraising that you hosted or attended this ... read more
Happy Save the Koala Day to you all! Thank you for your continued support of the Koala via the AKF and as you will see from my letter to the new Environment Minister , we are committed to protecting ... read more
This year, the AKF is 30 years old. When Lorraine, Ann Sharp and I first started in 1988, we all sat around and thought “gee, how can we get the Koala message out to the world?”, so we had our first ... read more