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I believe this article is a blatant demonstration of why Australia needs a Koala Protection Act. Not only does this reserve protect hundreds of other significant species because of the old growth ... read more
Welcome to Save the Koala Month. This month is the time when we all remember how much we love Koalas. In recent days, there has been a lot of media, most of which has been on our Facebook and I was ... read more
Well, Mum and I have been at Quinlans and we have BEEN VERY BUSY. Even though Ian does most of the work, Mum and I always put up the memorial tags and Mum absolutely loves doing that - she says it ... read more
Deborah was featured in a segment on Gardening Australia last weekend! The video can be viewed here: read more
Last week AKF staff visited Noosa National Park where we were lucky enough to see a young Koala in a tree in the car park, apparently one of only a few left in the area. There were many surfers ... read more
DID YOU KNOW IT IS INTERNATIONAL CAT DAY? I NEVER KNEW CATS HAD A SPECIAL DAY. KOALAS DO TOO! I absolutely love my cat brothers and you know they have never been outside. Never; can you imagine that ... read more
OH NO!!!! Go have a look at mum's diary! read more
Hello Koala Lovers, Over recent weeks I have been writing and meeting with the Queensland Government about the Koala Expert Panel Report which was supposed to be finished in June (now due in August) ... read more
Hi Koala lovers, I am not sure if you know but I have a donkey sister and she is getting ready for Save the Koala Month. In September we all have to pitch in and send out LOADS OF BOXES with lots of ... read more
Save the Koala Month is quickly approaching. Get ready for this September! Look at these sweet photos of Chester the Koala - he's our poster boy for 2017. read more