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*/ Hello Koala Lovers, Those of you who remember the Senate Inquiry of 2011 and the subsequent listing of the Koala in April 2012 (under the EPBC Act), will, I think be shocked that there is now ... read more
Did you know that a bird survey is undertaken four times a year at Quinlans? Thanks to Cooloola Nature for their commitment towards the work of AKF! We were excited to view the results from the most ... read more
Hello Koala Lovers, Where has the year gone? September is Save the Koala Month and it will be upon us before we know it. I was thrilled recently to be contacted by one of our supporters to advise of ... read more
Well done mum! You make me so proud. Dont forget that Save the Koala Month is approaching fast. What are you going to do this year to save the Koala? read more
Watch our CEO, Deborah Tabart OAM speak to BBC News about the NSW Koala intervention package Watch video here read more
I was on Facebook the other day and saw this video of a labrador called Fred and the nine ducklings he has adopted. Makes me tired just thinking about it! When does Fred get time for a nap? I think ... read more
The NSW government has just announced a 45 million dollar Koala recovery plan. Deborah spoke to the BBC - listen to the interview here: Koalas clinging on for survival read more
Hello Koala Lovers, Congratulations to President Macron of France for speaking the truth to our Prime Minister about climate change. It is fantastic to see a young world leader knowing that he has to ... read more
I was watching TV with Mum yesterday and I saw the story about the dog who became an Honorary Police Dog even though he was very OLD – nearly 13. I am nearly 8 in human years so I have a long time to ... read more
Dear Koala Lovers, Nearly 10 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Quinlan donated their property to the AKF for the protection of the Koala and other flora and fauna. This opened up a completely new era for the ... read more