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Recruits, Mission accomplished. Victorian Environment Minister Lisa Neville has invited our Commander In Chief to a meeting in January. Well done to you for your relentless communications to the ... read more
Attention recruits, We need your help ASAP! 400 Koalas are being transolacted from Cape Otway to Lorne (Victoria) this week, and AKF wants to know that they are going to survive. There are lots of ... read more
Recruits! Time for action. Our Commander in Chief has delivered state-of-the-art maps to our new Prime Minister, Mr. Malcolm Turnbull. You can see the maps here . As Koala Army recruits, you must do ... read more
Recruits, Urban here. You have been waiting for action. It is time, and it is now up to you. Help keep my friends and the Koala forests of Australia on the minds of our leaders. Our Commander in ... read more
Hi Koala lovers, I am going on leave today and return to the office on 4th January, 2016. That will be the year the AKF achieves its greatest goal; to gain support from 76 politicians to enact Koala ... read more
At last it is holidays. Mum has been talking about this for ABSOLUTELY AGES and now we get to spend time with Mum, not just at Quinlans, but at home. Mum said EVERYONE in our family is getting a new ... read more
AKF Chief Executive Officer, Deborah Tabart OAM was interviewed for ABC Radio's World Today program this morning. The topic was the Koalas that have recently been moved from Cape Otway to a forest ... read more
By Dr Douglas Kerlin - AKF Chief Ecologist The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) is expecting to see a draft of the Koala Recovery Plan released just as Australia shuts down for Christmas. Created ... read more
Hi Koala lovers, AKF Chief Ecologist Dr Douglas Kerlin has written a piece which reminisces about our visit to the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in 2009, and AKF's view about what's needed ... read more
Piece by Dr Douglas Kerlin - AKF Chief Ecologist I’m not holding out much hope for meaningful action from the Paris climate change talks. I was in Copenhagen in 2009. Don’t get me wrong. There were ... read more