Sad story of Ash the Koala highlights the need for a Koala Protection Act

All photos by Ashley Fraser


You might have seen these images of Ash the Koala circulating around online. Ash is a Koala who used to live at Pimpana, North of the Gold Coast in Queensland. 

That was until her home range was destroyed to make way for development.

You can see the bewilderment on her face, and now she's homeless, along with all other Koalas in this area. Where is her family? 

AKF is disgusted that this could be allowed to happen to a federally listed species.

This development has been approved for so long that there is nothing that could have been done to stop it. This is another prime example of why a Koala Protection Act is needed. Then, Koala trees wouldn't be allowed to be cut down and Koalas like Ash can continue to live a happy and healthy life.

Until a Koala Protection Act is in place, horrible situations like this will prevail.

Thank you to Ashley, the volunteer carer who made sure that Ash got the care that she needed.


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