The Quinlan's Made the Right Decision

“Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) research teams made an exciting discovery at their much loved Quinlan’s property last week and of course it was;  Koala pooh!   It would have been better to find a live Koala but this is the next best thing,” says Deborah Tabart OAM, CEO of the AKF.
“Of course this shows that Peter and Julanne made the right decision when they unexpectedly gave us their land.   Given the pooh was found near the house, I am convinced they had seen Koalas on the property,” said Tabart.   
Quinlan’s is a 40 hectare property of Australian bushland located at Gheerulla. The property was named in honour of the couple, Peter and Julanne Quinlan, who bequeathed it to the AKF. The couple who were married for 30 years, were passionately in love and shared a great love for the environment. It was their wish to leave all their estate to the AKF to ensure it was used to as habitat conservation for Koalas.
“We have had the property for nearly 4 years and there has been some wonderful wildlife, but never a sign of a Koala. We have planted 3000 trees in that time but we found the evidence under at least 4 old trees,” Ms Tabart said.  
“The team made me close my eyes and I had a feeling they might put a snake in my hand.  No-one but the Koala Woman could be thrilled with a little piece of Koala pooh and I am just delighted.  It says so much to us and the young researchers two of whom were from overseas. To stare at Koala pooh may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this is evidence that Koalas are in the area and if there is one, there will be many.”
“I wonder if the Quinlan’s knew this Koala?   Perhaps this is what prompted them to give us the land. 
“It was an amazing gift and it is fantastic that this property is safe and will be conserved forever.  Not so for many other Koalas in Australia. 
“It has made me even more determined to fight for a Koala Protection Act.”  
The Australian Koala Foundation is a not for profit, non-Government funded international organisation dedicated to saving the Koala and its habitat.