Prince George helps sell 1,000 children’s backpacks in two days

Tomorrow Prince George will arrive on Australian soil for only the second time. His first visit, of less than an hour, made headlines around the world. What his second visit will bring is anyone’s guess.

On Monday the 9th of April, Prince William, Duchess Kate and baby George arrived in Sydney, Australia for a transfer flight to continue their trip to New Zealand. The Royals were on the ground for less than an hour, yet in that time something quite remarkable happened. Prince William was photographed carrying Prince George’s luggage, a Kangaroo Backpack. An innocent enough act, however that simple photograph spawned a mad rush around the world. Everyone, it seems, wanted to have Prince George’s Kangaroo Backpack.

Within an hour the Daily Mail (U.K.) had spoken to Deborah Tabart OAM, CEO of the Australian Koala Foundation who confirmed that the Australian Koala Foundation did indeed sell the backpack in question (online here). However Deborah was not sure how or where Prince George got his hands on the bag. News quickly spread that the Australian Koala Foundation stocked the hot item. It sold out in less than an hour. Feverishly staff ordered more stock. Over the next two days, 1,000 backpacks were sold, making the Kangaroo Backpack Australian Koala Foundation’s most popular item of all time.

In light of Australian Koala Foundation ‘s unexpected success, Deborah Tabart has sent Prince George a Koala Backpack to match his Kangaroo Backpack. It will be waiting for him when he arrives home in Buckingham palace. Furthermore Deborah Tabart has announced that the Australian Koala Foundation will plant a small forest of Eucalyptus trees in Prince George’s honor, to commemorate the positive impact his visit has already had for the Koala.