A Precious Gift for Christmas

Christmas is almost here, as well as the frustration of choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones.

The Australian Koala Foundation have the most heart-warming gift that is like no other; the gift of adopting a Koala.

Artti is a handsome little Joey with big brown eyes.  He has soft fur and big fuzzy ears. And is one year old. With an inquisitive nature, this little man loves to cuddle. Artti lives with three other older boys and he loves to play with them. Adopt Artti today and when you  visit him you will be able to give him a great big bear hug!

A perfect gift for a family member or friend. All Koalas have different personalities cheeky, playful and cuddly so - there is a Koala to suit every personality.

Your adoption kit includes a beautiful, personalised certificate with a photo of your Koala, a welcome letter, Koala stickers and more

Help the Australian Koala Foundation in our fight for the Koala. Your donations are the lifeblood which enable us to speak for the Koala and its habitat.  

Adopt today!