Latest newsletter to our supporters

An important message from our CEO Deborah Tabart OAM

Hi Koala lovers!  2016 is an Australian election year and the AKF will continue to encourage Australian federal political leaders to support the protection of the Koala via a Koala Protection Act (KPA). I know that all of you who read this want the Koala protected and more importantly I know that most of the world would do anything to help the Koala. So join the Koala Army – that is your way of helping and as we approach an election, I want all of you to speak for the Koala. 


Meet some of our wonderful international supporters

Veronique from the Netherlands

Veronique has been actively involved with the Australian Koala Foundation since 2001 with the adoption of her first Koala. Even though she lives in the Netherlands she makes it a point to visit our office every year! 

In 2003 Veronique accompanied other AKF members on a research trip to NSW. “It was an unforgettable experience. I was even able to see three wild koalas, an amazing and unique opportunity for me as a European.”

Veronique does everything she can to support the Australian Koala Foundation. “I am also a member of the Koala Army as this is the only army in the world I would ever join.”

Peter from the UK

Peter started supporting the AKF in 2002 by adopting a Koala and then went on a Field Trip to New England Tablelands. He says "I have at least one adopted Koala every year and make donations, including tree planting at Quinlans (the AKF Research Station).

I am, of course, in the Koala Army.

I would tell anyone who is interested in conservation of Koalas and the beautiful Australian Bush with all its unique animals and birds to go to the AKF’s website. Their work to obtain a Koala Protection Act is the only way to do this and deserves everyone’s support.

Niki from the Netherlands

Niki has been working for the AKF for the past six months as part of an internship for her HAS University of Applied Sciences course.

She was curious about the causes of Koala population declines and was keen to do further research. A lot of surprising, interesting and sometimes disappointing results were found.

She hopes her work will help to make people realise that Australia’s most adorable mascot, the Koala, is moving towards extinction and that we can do something about that.