It's Time To Worry Mate - September is Save the Koala Month


September is Save the Koala Month, the annual awareness and fundraising campaign of the Australian Koala Foundation (AKF). The AKF is the principal not for profit, non-government organisation which has, for 25 years, been dedicated to saving the wild koala and its habitat. This year the theme is “give me a home among the gumtrees!” The reason is self explanatory – Koalas need their trees! The AKF estimates that no more than 80,000 and probably closer to 43,000 koalas remain in the wild.
“Only half of these koalas are protected by recent legislation and it’s time to worry because these precious animals will not, as decision makers would like us to believe, always be there.“ says Deborah Tabart OAM, CEO of the Australian Koala Foundation and long time campaigner in the fight to stop destruction of habitat and the rapid decline in wild koala numbers. Koalas are revered worldwide and everybody wants to help them. Donations received during Save the Koala Month will be allocated to the Koala Protection Bill, a one-stop piece of legislation that states:
“You shall not harm them, you shall not harm their Joeys and you shall not harm their habitat.”
The AKF believes this is the only way to fully protect the koala and stop them disappearing altogether from our bushland.
How to help? Donation boxes will be on Newsagent’s counters across Australia. 
You can help by putting a Donation Box on a counter at work, the gym, school, your local cafe. 
Run an event, host a morning tea, have a garage sale, or just make a collection at the office. Or simply click here and donate directly. It’s easy to participate and every dollar makes a difference.
Raise just $200 and the AKF will reward you with an Adopt-a- Koala Certificate for “Wattle” a real koala living in an Australian Sanctuary. 
Go to our Save the Koala Month page here and be part of this very important campaign to save our remaining koalas.
Interview opportunities please call our office: (07) 3229 7233 or email [email protected]