A Great Loss

It is with great sadness that the AKF and I advise of the passing of our Founding Research Chairman, Dr John Woolcock.   His funeral will be held tomorrow.


There are truly not enough words to describe his loss to all of us at the AKF, to his family and of course to the Koala.

He has been a constant in my life.  By and large Dr John as he was affectionately known, has not missed many Board meetings since May 1986 when our Founder Mr. Barry Scott asked him to act as a veterinary voice for the Koala on our Board.

Dr John has led our Board to make good decisions on the science we funded and even more importantly allowed a shift from funding pure research at Universities to the fundamental research that is needed to protect koala habitat, via the Koala Habitat Atlas and Koala Map.

His commitment to the Koala never wavered.   His commitment to the AKF did not either and his wisdom and eloquence will be greatly missed. 

His legacy will be great and the Board have decided to create a lasting memorial at Quinlans which will be dedicated on July 9th, 2015.

All would be welcome.

In great sorrow,



Dr John as we would like to remember him.