This Friday is Save The Koala Day! (25/09/15)

To celebrate the end of Save The Koala Month, this Friday (25th September 2015) is Save The Koala Day, and we're urging you to spread the Koala love!

Many Aussies are unaware that our little furry friends are in danger, and it's your chance to make a difference.


Donate - even if it's just a couple of bucks, it all helps! We take no governement funding, so it's your support that keeps us fighting for the Koala. You can also find our donation boxes in Newsagents nation-wide.

Shop - did you know we have a Save The Koala Shop? There are heaps of cute Koala goodies, and all proceeds go towards helping wild Koalas. PLUS we are offering free shipping when you spend over $50 for September only, so get shopping! 

Fundraise - stuck on how to help? Bake some Koala Cupcakes and take them to your office or school, selling them for $2 each. Then, donate the funds raised to us. YUM! You can also order your own donation box, year round! 

Spread the word - jump on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc and tell your friends that you care about Koalas. Tell your neighbour, tell your colleagues! 

For interview opportunities call Deborah Tabart OAM 0407 750 668 or Rebecca Andersen 0431 711 835 [email protected]