Deborah's Diary

Hi everyone, only three days until I leave for Copenhagen, and the simple message I want to take to the world is that the koala trees of Australia must be saved . Last week at the APSA awards we had ... read more
Latest News: Video : Deborah Tabart's video message to Prime Minister Rudd Video : Deborah Tabart's message to President Obama Video : Girl Guide Aby's message to the world Video : Carbon and Koalas ... read more
On 10th November 2009 in Canberra, the capital city of Australia, a group of scientists (including two AKF scientists Dr Douglas Kerlin and Mr David Mitchell) will be deciding whether the koala ... read more
Hi everyone, the last few days have been great fun for me. The AKF has partnered with the Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) – look at me with Jack Thompson, the famous Australian actor! (more photos ... read more
Dear All, I think the words of Koala Campaigner, Nerida (see below) , is all I need to say in this blog. I have sent the photos and words to Canberra in preparation for the November 10th Scientific ... read more
One of the volunteers working here for the Save Our Koalas Rally on 25th September is a carer and she told me a story about a koala named Dianne and a little orphaned joey Fabian. Although they were ... read more
Save the Koala Month finishes today and it has been very hectic. We launched our month at Dreamworld when David Tree, the famous firefighter, came to Brisbane and told us stories about finding Sam ... read more
I am sure you have heard that Sam the Koala died today. The dear little koala that made the whole world notice the plight of the Koala has left behind a great legacy. I have been interviewed by many ... read more
I recently read 700 post mortems of koala which articulated their cause of death. I keep that document on my desk so I never forget what the AKF is about. Many of the reports had the word “wasted” ... read more
Two Queensland Government Ministers have just put out this press release. Do we believe that this ‘SPP’ will work? Basically this says that if a developer cuts down trees that have koalas in them, ... read more