Koala forests in Australia – more than just a branch to sit on!

As Australia sweats through another exceptionally warm summer, it’s important to talk about the role of Koala forests in our climate. 

As we are taught in school, trees play an important role in the water cycle.  Roots suck up water from underground and release it into the atmosphere through a process called transpiration.  That water released by trees plays a vital role in bringing rain.   Massive land clearing can stop clouds forming; if we don’t have trees, rainfall is significantly diminished. 

Call to action: send a letter to Environment Minister Josh Frydenberg

Koala lovers! 

We are encouraging all of our supporters to contact Federal Environment Minister, the Hon. Josh Frydenberg, demanding a federal solution for our Koalas and Koala habitats in Australia.

Click the link below for a sample letter, and add in your own thoughts as well. It is critically important the Federal Government enacts a Koala Protection Act, and that Mr Frydenberg's department writes a Recovery Plan, (that was due in 2014). 

AKF: NSW Koala Strategy based on poor data; AKF not consulted

The Australian Koala Foundation has contacted the NSW State Government expressing grave concerns on the development of the NSW Koala Strategy.

Click here for the full submissions to the NSW Minister for the Environment, the Hon. Gabrielle Upton.

AKF welcomes 2017 as the year to gain final support for the Koala Protection Act

The Australian Koala Foundation (AKF) currently estimates there are between 44,920 and 85,495 Koalas left in the wild.  When you consider that more than 8 million Koalas were killed for their fur between 1888 and 1927, we may be looking at a population that is only 1% of historic numbers.  It is time for action.

Deborah's Diary - 23 November 2016

Dave Mitchell, our Landscape Ecologist is in Canberra this week to deliver a powerful presentation on the value of the AKF's maps and how they can be used to help plan development and ecological conservation in our country. 

Please read the AKF's official press release about it to learn more. 

Myall Koala & Envt Group works with MidCoast Water to save Koala tree

We were delighted to hear today that the Myall Koala & Environmental Group was recently successful in having a Swamp Mahogany tree classified as a “significant tree” by MidCoast Water in New South Wales.

Originally slated for removal because its root system was impacting the sewer pipe below, the Group put together a list of 27 sightings (and some photos) of koalas in the tree, which is situated behind a pharmacy. This tree has a long history of koalas visiting, dating back to at least 2003.

Deborah's Diary - 15 November 2016

Hello Koala lovers,

I am going to Quinlan's tomorrow and I will do what I love best; be in the bush.

Fire in Port Stephens threatens local koala population

The Newcastle Herald reports that "more than 9000 hectares of koala habitat was burnt" in this week's bushfires in the Port Stephens area. For the local koala population, the situation is looking very grim, with carers suspecting the worst outcome as those koalas that have been displaced or injured only now starting to emerge.

Koalas back in Kembla

Eight koalas have been spotted in the heights of Mount Kembla in the Illawarra region south of Sydney, ending a 70 year hiatus of no koala presence in the area. There has also been a lot of bellowing heard, the sound male koalas make when looking for a female. This suggests that mating may be going on as well, which is more fantastic news for the koala population in this area.

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