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Hi Koala Lovers, I actually do not like celery, MUM gave it to me because I always feel hungry (I am on a diet because I am getting older) and anyway, Charlie does not like it either, and well, I am ... read more
Recruits, Just taking a little time off before my next mission. Over and out, Bill Jr read more
*/ Hello Koala lovers, Last week I was in Western New South Wales and as I drove west, I kept on coming across bridges with the words “Overflow”. It reminded me of the famous poem by Banjo Paterson ... read more
Happy New Year Koala Lovers, I have had a lovely break and I have been back at work for a couple of weeks. I had a great rest and time for reflection and I am truly looking forward to 2019 and to ... read more
Recruits, I hope you're rested up and ready for 2019! We've got a lot of work ahead of us if we are to get The Koala Protection , and we need all the troops we can get. So first thing I need you to ... read more
Hi Koala lovers, This is my last diary for the year and I have so much to say that I do not know what to write. 2018 has been a tumultuous year, not just here in Australia, but all around the world. ... read more
Merry Christmas from me and all my animal brothers and sisters here at home with Mum. We are going to have a lovely Christmas because Mum has BIG work to do in 2019! Over and Out. Mr. Darcy read more
I need to DOB on MUM - it looks like she has gone to Quinlans without me. SHOCKING! read more
Recruits, Delighted to let you know that Bill Jr. has formed a Pigeon Squadron in Australia. Bill Jr. is the great grandson of Bill (he is named after him) and loves to talk to his Grandpa David ... read more
Dear Koala lovers, One of the great things about my job is receiving letters, cards and drawings from people all over the world. This gorgeous drawing of a Koala called Mongoose was a life drawing of ... read more