Mission Statement

The mission of the Australian Koala Foundation is to be a highly credible, respected and compassionate international scientific organisation which will diminish the threat to the survival of koalas and be an example so as to increase the consciousness of all global citizens and enable them to reverse the rapid degeneration of all the world's flora and fauna.

Basic Goals:

  1. Provide a means of generating and collecting relevant information on the Koala and its habitat.
  2. Educate governments, planners and the community generally as to the need to take a long-term view to conserve the flora and fauna of Australia.
  3. To have the AKF recognised as a leading role model for strategic planning for the preservation and long term survival of a species in the wild.
  4. To have the 'Koala's worth' as a tourist icon and generator of tourist revenue recognised by Government, tourist operators and business.
  5. To know where all significant koala habitats capable of sustaining viable koala populations are, and have legislation enacted to protect those areas.
  6. Given the above (5) those areas protected will support socially stable breeding aggregations of koalas.
  7. To write The National Koala Act and have it enacted by the Federal Government.
  8. To raise funds to achieve the above goals.