Fundraising Ideas

You can help save Koalas by holding fundraising activities for the Australian Koala Foundation.

Raise funds during Save the Koala Month or at ANY time of the year!   

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Kids from all over the world are raising funds to help Koalas! There are many different ways to hold a fundraising event, and after you do, we would love you to tell us how you raised the money. Did you use one of our ideas below or did you come up with an exciting new idea?

Send your fundraising story to us by post or by email, and you can even include a photo or two!

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Here are some ideas for holding a Koala fundraising event:

  • Hold a Save the Koala fundraising drive. Create your own fun gifts to sell or order some of our cute Save the Koala items.
  • Have a Koala or Australian animals theme dress-up day  - make black noses from egg cartons and cardboard ears attached with elastic, or make Koala masks.
  • Have a Koala dress-up disco with: prizes for the best costumes Koala cakes and biscuits to eat line dancing competition.
  • Have a Native animal puppet play – you can make hand puppets from old socks.
  • Hold a Koala Cup tennis tournament - players could dress as Koalas.
  • Become Blinky Bill Buskers - dress up as Koalas and perform at your local shopping centre, school or community hall.
  • Sell Koala goodies on a stall – our Save the Koala items handmade items like cakes, biscuits, masks, Koala noses and ears, posters, felt Koalas, Koala keyrings, Koala gift tags, cards or wrapping paper (use potato cut stamps, spatter painting, pictures cut out of magazines, stickers or paint koalas on them).
  • Print or paint 'Save the Koala' messages on T-shirts & sweatshirts.
  • Koala food trees or other native plant seedlings which you can grow yourselves.
  • Run a Koala raffle.
  • Have a car wash.
  • Draw a big Koala on the ground and have everyone fill it up with silver or gold coins.
  • Hold a Colour-in, drawing, poster or story competition. Click here to download a Koala colour-in graphic.
  • How about a Best-dressed toy Koala competition – have categories such as ‘most Australian Koala’, ‘cutest’, ‘scruffiest’ etc.
  • Hold a Koala Quiz - make up questions using our Koalas for Kids section.
  • Hold a Koala Walk-a-thon, Skip-a-thon, Swim-a-thon, Spell-a-thon, Tenpin Bowl-a-thon etc.

Our thanks for some of the great ideas on this list, to Chatswood Hills State School, Qld, Australia - a very ‘Koala-Friendly’ school!

Fundraising guidelines

When holding your Koala fundraising activities outdoors, don’t forget to wear your hat, put on plenty of sunscreen and take lots of water to drink on the way.

Advise your local newspaper or radio station about your Koala activities. They might like to do a story to help spread the word and get the local community involved in helping Koalas.

The Australian Koala Foundation asks that children do not knock on strangers’ doors to raise money - this could be dangerous.

You must ask permission from your parents or teacher to raise funds for us.

You must send us any funds which you raise in our name.

What can you do with the money you have raised?

Usually, money raised is simply sent to us, however, you now have the option to put that money towards any of our programs listed below:

How to send the money to us:

Ask your teacher, your group leader or your parents to send the fundraising money to us by cheque (check), money order or credit card. If using a credit card, we have a secure online form that can be used.

If you are using your fundraising money to join our Adopt A Koala or Harrold’s Forest programs, don't hesitate to get in touch with Lorraine about directing your donation.

Cheques (checks) and Money Orders are to be made out to ‘Australian Koala Foundation’ and posted it to:

Australian Koala Foundation
GPO Box 2659 BRISBANE QLD 4001

Note: Please do not send cash through the post!


Thanks for helping the Koalas!